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Helmets from ARAI represent innovation in pursuit of a better riding experience.

One of the most distinctive features of an Arai helmet is the comfort it offers is in a class of its own. Better-fitting helmets are not only more comfortable, but protect better. That's why Arai leads the industry in developing new ways to provide every rider with a helmet that feels as though it was created just for them. With an extensive range of interior shapes, liners and removable cheek pads, your Arai helmet can be customized to deliver a bespoke fit.

Every Arai helmet is a shell crafted by a single person, slowly and carefully, by hand. Each hand-built Arai helmet incorporates a continuous curve radius of at least 75mm, making their shells rounder, smoother and stronger. A rounder, smoother shell means better dispersal of kinetic energy as well as minimizing the potential for the helmet to catch on rough surfaces. As a result they are better able to glance off obstacles and slide more easily over uneven surfaces, minimizing impact energy that is sent directly into the helmet as well as reducing excessive rotational forces.



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