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About Us


At Stable Energies, that's our motto.

Proudly serving the motorsports industry for over 40 years!


We carry a wide assortment of top-of-the-line aftermarket components to help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.


We specialize in providing personalized solutions to keep yourself protected from harm in the most intense conditions.


Stay up to date with all the latest apparel, technology and accessories that the motorsports industry has to offer.

Why Choose Stable Energies?

A Passion for Motorsports

Stable Energies was founded in 1978 and is proudly rooted in its mainstay product, the Camber Truss1. Owner Bob Kakascik originally manufactured and sold the Camber Truss to fellow Porsche racing enthusiasts over the years, ultimately fueling the growth of his own race shop, European Performance Center, focused on custom Porsche and Volkswagen sports cars.

European Performance Center and Stable Energies flourished throughout the 80s and 90s, as Bob and his staff began to focus on building and supporting race cars for the Porsche community, including many of his own successful 914 variants. In the mid 90s, Stable Energies began to focus more and more on providing its customers with safety equipment and track gear to meet the needs of the booming automotive motorsports industry.

1 The Camber Truss, designed specifically for early Porsche 911 and 914 models, is a proprietary strut tower brace renowned for its world-class quality and reliability. In fact, the chassis stabilizing effect provided by the Camber Truss is where Stable Energies got its name!

Unmatched Knowledge and Expertise

Since then Stable Energies has expanded greatly and is now proud to be a worldwide distributor of safety equipment and performance parts to the global motorsport community. In addition to our own patented universal harness guide bars and popular line of fire extinguisher mounts, we are proud to be master distributors for Recaro, Safety Devices, OMP and RSS. Our product catalog has multiplied exponentially while our retail store, warehouse and distribution center headquartered in Northern New Jersey continues to expand every year!

We continue to improve our experience by personally installing, using, and testing virtually all of the products we offer either on our own street and race cars or our local customers' cars. We have installed everything we sell and that means we can offer superior technical assistance on installations and the use of our products.

We keep our shelves fully stocked with thousands of racing essentials year-round, so chances are we have exactly what you're looking for right when you need it most.

Family Owned and Operated -- Community Focused

Even as we continue to grow, we have stayed community focused and serve our local customer base as we have since day one. We are committed to activley supportting the PCA, NASA, SCCA, BMWCCA, and NEQ Audi Clubs. You can often find us track-side at a club race, we have an amazing mobile store we travel with to local tracks and use to support our customers.

Whether you are racing, auto-crossing, or participating in high performance drivers education, our knowledgeable staff is here to help assist you in choosing the correct safety equipment and performance products. We have, and will continue to make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

We continue to support our local motorsports communities through various sponsorships and events, and look forward to seeing you at the track!

Our Team

Bob Kakascik

Bob was a German car enthusiast since his teens, specifically VW's and Porsches. He started early on modifying his VW Beetle and then graduated to Porsches a few years later after opening his performance shop in 1975 called European Performance Center, which he continues to operate today. After joining the Porsche Club of America in 1978, it took a few years before he got bit by the track bug, and in 1982 began driving with PCA in their Driver's Ed track events with his 914 Porsche and became an instructor the following year. In 1991 he began racing in the newly formed Porsche Club Racing program and continued successfully for many years.

In 1993, he acquired a small business called Stable Energies, that was started in 1978 by a Porsche Club friend, which manufactured a half dozen specialty products for Porsches. Bob's daughter was coaxed into the business and the family business was born.

Bob's hands-on experience in building, modifying and racing Porsche cars and dedication to quality and perfection, is key to his success story.

Laurette Foshay
General Manager

I started coming to the "shop" (European Performance Center aka Europerf Racing) at a very young age. Growing up at the shop and going to the race tracks I guess set me up for a lifelong passion for cars and automotive racing. Which is exactly what happened in the early 1990s. My father Bob Kakascik, owner of Europerf, asked me to come and work with him at his new business venture, a racing parts business called Stable Energies. Back then he and I were "Stable Energies". I had just purchased my first Porsche, a Red 944 and went to my first Driver's Ed event at Bridgehampton, on Long Island. During the 90s we were setting up our track side store of only a few products at the PCA club races, while Bob was racing his iconic Beige 914. I now have a 1993 968 that I and my husband Jim enjoy and soon my son Charlie will too!

Still a family owned and operated business and thanks to all of our customers and team members, we have grown and are still growing to what we are today. I am committed to help keep you safe and going fast with our line of quality chosen products. Think Fast... Be Safe!

Carlos Agudo
Head Salesman

Motorsport Enthusiast, Automotive Technician, Drifter and conversationalist. These are some of the qualities that Carlos bring to the Stable Energies Family.

Carlos joined Stable Energies in early 2016 and brings along a wide range of Automotive and Motorsports history. His Automotive background includes working for Automotive manufacturers Honda and Nissan for numerous years along with local race shops. He also brings forth his knowledge and Motorsport experience from Drifting and involvement with the local Drift community. He's been wrenching, racing and breaking cars for quite some time and uses that wisdom and experience to guide his fellow enthusiasts and drivers in the right direction and possibly provide some stories along the way.

His firsthand experience with the products that we carry and sell gives a direct relation, feedback and truthful reviews that provide exceptional customer service. What better way to suggest gear than by putting it through the test himself! When not in the store, he can be seen trackside at various local road racing and drifting events!

Bryan Hedian
Social Media Strategist

I began my Motorsports career by enrolling in UTI and learned the basics of automobiles. As the years went on I purchased a Honda S2000 and started getting my car out to track days. I currently compete in the Time Attack series with many podium finishes. The second I was on track i needed to find a way to make this a career. This continued through the years and I found myself needing some safety equipment. I made a visit to Stable Energies for a roll-bar and harness install. Once I saw the professionalism and cleanliness of the shop/store I knew I wanted to associate myself with this company. I began volunteering at track days and that lead to bigger things in the future.

I am currently their social media strategist, driver, and basically the "all around guy". My association with Stable Energies theirs with Monticello Motor Club, it was only a matter of time until I began instructing with them. MMC is one of the premiere motorsports facility in the world and it was a perfect fit. Both jobs allow me to pursue my dreams of one day becoming a professional driver on a large stage The future is bright for Stable Energies and you can catch us in a few years on the IMSA podium with a large black and purple flag at the top of the steps.

Michael Chavez
Shop Technician

Graduate of Lodi HS, I attended NJIT for 3 semesters before deciding to pursue a career to fulfill my passion in motorsports. A graduate of Lincoln Technical school in 2004, I started working for a private shop that specialized in German autos for 3 years, then worked at a dealership for 1 year. In 2008 I began my career in motorsports with Stable Energies.

Christian Pozzo
Content Development

Growing up as a creative and tech-savvy person with a passion for Motorsport has lead me here. After graduating from Rutgers with a degree in Information Technology, I explored a professional career in cinematography, photography and marketing. My experience working for Motorsport events in the past while building my own media production company has allowed me to shoot at some of the biggest race tracks in the country. I'm proud to be part of the Stable Energies team and continue learning as I build my S2000 into a dedicated weekend track car.

Doug Zimmerman
Shipping & Receiving

Like many auto racing enthusiasts Doug was struck with the bug at a young age. He saw his first race event at 8 years old. He enjoys all types of racing from stock cars to sports cars. He loves racing simulations and hopes to have a setup of his own one day to share with his wife and two children.

Matt Everett
Web Developer & Marketing Strategist

Matt has done a little of everything, from working at multiple Fortune 500 companies, to co-founding and running a tech startup, to consulting for dozens of small businesses.

He joined the Stable Energies team to help build a new, modern web platform for exploring new marketing and sales opportunities, and to expand our presence online through a variety of E-Commerce distribution channels. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to working together to achieve continued growth and success!

Robert Mains
Marketing & Brand Development

Rob has been an automotive enthusiast as long as hair has been red. After graduating from Universal Technical Institute with a 4.0, he spent 6 years wrenching on cars. Only to get tired of washing his hands, he started his own e-commerce business that sent him down a path into the corporate business development world. Years after working in corporate America he realized that he had a calling to be creative in the field of photography and videography. Now as the owner of RebelVictory Media he has come together with us here at Stable to manage our marketing and brand development as we continue to grow.

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