Precise Lines Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit Vinyl Coated - 996/997,996T,986,987,Cayman

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These D.O.T. approved stainless steel brake lines help eliminate the soft, spongy brake pedal feel and give you firmer, more confident braking. Much more durable than stock brake lines, they are manufactured with stainless steel fittings, not aluminum, for increased strength. The stainless steel braided lines have a strong Teflon Liner inside, Kevlar braid outer, Stainless braid over the Kevlar braid and a clear protective coating. Stainless Steel Brake Lines are the best way to transmit hydraulic pressure from your foot to your brake calipers with maximum efficiency.
These lines are longer than stock rubber lines as they do not bend as easily. Sold in sets of four.
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996 / 997 All Models
986 / 987 Boxster All Model
987 Cayman All Models

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Brake Hoses

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