SPA 10lb SFI 17.1 Certified - Novec 1230 EXTREME Fire Suppression System

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SPA SFI 17.1 10lb NOVEC Fire Supression System

SPA EXTREME®, a new environmentally friendly gas extinguisher using 3M" Novec" 1230, a next generation halon gas replacement. This has zero ozone depletion and is non toxic, so it's safe for the driver, unlike other Halon replacements.

Specifically designed for use in closed cockpit cars, i.e.saloon and sports cars.

Utilizing our multi-directional nozzles it gives impressive results in fire knockdown and fire out properties in record times.

Compact and easy to fit system, recommended for Bio fuel, gasoline and diesel applications. Novec" 1230 has the added bonus of being non-conductive, which means it will not harm any electronics, and it also leaves no residue, which means no mess or clean up to deal with.

Systems includes:

  • 2 x 02-SPAT 112 retaining straps
  • 1 or 2 x 02-SP 018 6 foot pull cable (if applicable)
  • 4 x 02-SP 098 nozzles
  • 3 x 02-SPAex 011 T fitting
  • 1 x 02-SPAex 012 bulkhead fitting
  • 10 x 02-SPAex 020 5/16 inch aluminum tubing per foot
  • 1 x 02-SP 017 E sticker (4")

  • Electrically Activated Systems also include:
  • 1x Small E sticker
  • 2x Plug and Lead, Hirschmann Style
  • 1x Internal Fire Button
  • 1x External Fire Button-Waterproof
  • 1x Power Pack, Hirschmann Style

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Product Type
On Board Fire Systems
SFI 17.1

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