ATL Fuel Cell Custom 26 gal. 911 pre 1990

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Custom ATL Racing Fuel Cell for the Porsche 911 up to 1989 - 26 gallon "Super Cell" type bladder is manufactured using ATL's ultra-tough 3-ply rubberized fabric. With its full foam baffling, ATL's Porsche cell enjoys full FT-3 approval from both the FIA and SCCA governing bodies.

A riveted .063" aluminum container surrounds ATL's fuel bladder and this assembly drops into the standard fuel tank location of any pre-1990 911 chassis. The cell accepts the OEM float gauge and wire harness. Included is an ATL TF-195 fill plate with a #6 outlet, #6 return, #6 vent valve, safety cap, roll over flap valve and a mounting kit. Fuel scavenging is accomplished by ATL's unique Scavenjet™ pick up module, which is vulcanized directly to the floor of the bladder. Several quick-fill options are also available.
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