HANS Device SFI Recertification


Are you an automotive enthusiast or professional driver who relies on high-performance safety equipment?

Is ensuring the utmost safety and compliance a top priority for you?

Are you aware that regular recertification is crucial to maintain the most current SFI 38.1 rating?

If so, we have a vital service that you simply cannot afford to overlook.

Estimate UPS Shipping Rates

Estimate UPS Shipping Rates


Stable Energies is now certified by HANS - Team Simpson to recertify all HANS devices for the most current SFI 38.1 rating.
Let us guide you through the process, ensuring you are equipped with the most up-to-date, certified gear. Don't take chances with your safety equipment. Act now to secure your peace of mind and the highest level of safety on the road or track. Contact us today and discover why timely recertification is paramount for your protection.

Methods of Recertification:

  • Visit our retail store in Garfield, NJ
  • Visit our mobile track-side store - please call for availability
  • Ship your device to us: Download the HANS RECERTIFICATION FORM and follow the included instructions.

Recertification Levels:

Level Description Price
Level 1 Inspection of Device and replacement of SFI Tag $35.00
Level 2QC Inspection of Device, replacement of SFI Tag, and Quick Click Anchor Tether $87.00
Level 2PA Inspection of Device, replacement of SFI Tag, and Post Anchor Tether $107.00
Level 3QC Inspection of Device, replacement of SFI Tag, Quick Click Anchor Tether, and Rubber Tape $182.00
Level 3PA Inspection of Device, replacement of SFI Tag, Post Anchor Tether, and Rubber Tape $202.00

Device Cleaning Charge (if necessary) - $25.00

Important Information:

  • Certifications are valid for 5 years from the initial date of certification or re-certification.
  • The certification date is determined by checking the date where the hole is punched on the SFI Tag.
  • DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE DIRECTLY. You will be billed once the final cost is determined.

Processing Time:

Once we receive your device, the processing time, depending on the level of recertification, can take up to 5 business days to complete.


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