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Repair kits for the pivot points of Bell helmet shields. Use the part number from the drop down list to specify your helmets pivot style.
We recommend that you use new washers and pivot screws every time you replace your shield.

SRV Style pivot kit includes two shield pivot screws, two shield friction screws, two friction sliders, two washers, one eccentric button and one screw.

DETENT Style pivot kit includes two retention detent washers, two shield pivot screws, and one eccentric shield lock down button and screw.

STD Detent to SRV Conversion Kit allows helmets originally made for Detent Shields to be converted to accept the new SRV Shields.  In 2006, the majority of Bell Racing helmets were converted from a Detent Shield Mechanism to the SRV Shield Mechanism. 

The conversion kit is a washer that is applied directly to the helmet, under the shield.  Once the washer is applied, the SRV shield and sliders can be used. The kit includes the washer and detailed instructions.

Please confirm your helmet‘s pivot style before ordering.

SRV style repair kit shown. Please see additional images.

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