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Recommended Procedure For The Bedding In Of PAGID Racing Disc Brake Pads

Please Note: It is imperative that the bedding in procedures are being done only on a race track.
PAGID Racing Material is NOT legal for street use.


Brake Disc (rotors)

Can be used either on solid, grooved or cross-drilled discs.

If possible, pads should be bedded on used but NOT worn-out brake discs. (If bedding new pads on new discs, focus on disc bedding first.)
For disc bedding, please refer to the disc manufacturers' own instructions. Usually, disc bedding is performed at lower temperatures than pad bedding.

1.) Basic Bedding

4 - 6 stops with medium brake pressure from approx 150km/h (90mph) to approx 80km/h (50mph).
Distance between each brake stop approx 300 - 400 meters (300 to 400 yards).
The pads should not reach temperatures above 400 degrees Centigrade (550 degrees Fahrenheit).
No dragging!
Blocking of the air ducts might be helpful to reach appropriate temperatures quicker.

2.) Immediately After Basic Bedding (Simulating race conditions)

One stop with medium to heavy brake pressure, without allowing brakes to lock from approx 180 km/h (110mph) to approx 80 km/h (50mph). No dragging!
Recovery stops with light brake pressure 3 - 4 times (Cleaning procedure).
Repeat the high-speed stops, including recovery stops, 2 - 3 times.
Allow a cooling-off distance of approx 500 m (500 yards) between high speed stops.

Mounting New Pads On Used Discs (rotors)

Edges of pad surface should be filed approx 45 degrees to ensure that the pad carries fully and evenly and is not touching the edge of the disc.
Do not use discs which are pre-bedded, or have been used with friction material other than PAGID.
It is strongly recommended to use:
A: new pads on used discs, or
B: used pads on new discs


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