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Porsche 911 driving tips from pro driver Patrick Long

by Patrick Long

"From local autocrosses to Daytona and Le Mans, Porsche's 911 is a staple of our scene. However, thanks to its unconventional rear-engine layout, it also requires its own special touch. The basic racing principles used with any car still apply, as 911 drivers still need to look ahead, make smooth inputs, and always be cognizant that the hands and feet must work in unison. These are techniques that I try to apply no matter what I'm driving...

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How To: Go to a Track Day

by Tony Quiroga

"We often talk about "track days" as if they are some mythical time in which the rules of the universe have been suspended and all cars are faster and nobody complains about his prostate. But a track day is nothing more than an opportunity for everyday drivers to take their cars to a racetrack and drive them mercilessly, without fear of traffic citation. So, the newbie might ask, just what goes on at a track day, and how does one find out about them?...

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10 Ways To Get A Start in Racing

by Kristin Cline

"Auto racing often seems like a sport that many aspire to, but few succeed in. While it's true that the road to professional racing is a long and narrow one, there are ample opportunities for the novice enthusiast to have fun on the track as well. Here's a list of 10 ways of how to get involved in entry-level racing...

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"I Wanna Go Fast!": A Beginner's Guide To Going Racing

by Dave Pratte

"So you're into cars and you love to drive fast. But deep down inside you know treating public roads like your personal Nurburgring is going to get you in trouble. You need a way to fill your need for speed that isn't completely anti-social, but you're not sure how to get started...

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Dialing In: Those last few tweaks that separate a top effort from the rest of the pack.

by Andy Hollis

"The top of every race result or lap chart is typically dominated by talented drivers. But the pointy end of the field also has something else going for it: better equipment. Sometimes that advantage comes from spending more money, but often it simply means optimizing the car and working the rules to the driver's advantage...

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Five Driving Techniques Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

by Alex Kierstein

"Driving skill isn't an absolute; there are always gains to be made. As a rule, more track time is better, and there's always room to improve. The best way is to find a well-regarded performance driving school, which will teach you all of these skills. Barring that, find a safe situation to practice these skills (helpful hint: not a public road), get familiar with your car, and enjoy yourself...

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