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Fire Extinguisher Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions
For Power Seats FEM2 & 3
Our fire extinguisher bracket is drilled to accept the AMEREX brand 2.5lb extinguisher or the Safety Devices AFFF 1.0 liter hand held extinguisher, available here.

You can mount the bracket without removing the seat from the floor, but if you have large hands youíll have a tough time.
1)   To remove the seat, remove the bolts holding the sliding rails to the floor (4 or 6 allen bolts).
2)   You can either remove the seat from the vehicle or just tilt it back carefully.
3)   Remove the plastic cover that hides the electric motors (2 screws). This plastic cover will not be used with the extinguisher bracket. Keep the plastic cover in a safe place for later use.
4)   Place the extinguisher bracket on top of the bracket that the motors are bolted to aligning the four mounting holes. The extinguisher bracket should have the Stable Energies sticker showing on the top. This is the top of the bracket.
5)   Install the four 6mm bolts from the top and tighten.
6)   Now mount the bracket with the straps (the one that came with the extinguisher) to the front of our bracket (the one you just installed) using the 4mm bolts provided.
7)    Install the seat back in the vehicle and place the extinguisher into the bracket.
Note: On some manual slide seats, the release lever will hit the side of the mounting bracket. If this occurs, you will need to bend the lever outwards slightly to clear the bracket. This can be done by easily by placing a piece of tubing over the lever to gain more leverage. It can also be bent with your hands but itís a bit tougher.