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Installation Instructions

Warning: Failure to follow instructions may result in INJURY OR DAMAGE FOR WHICH THE MANUFACTURE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE

Tools needed: 5mm allen ratchet, 8mm allen ratchet, 18mm deep socket, 17mm socket
Installing the Harness Guide Bar:
1) Fold the two rear seats down and remove the two silver pins. Use the 18mm deep socket to loosen the nut that tightens the pin in place. You will need to remove this nut once the pin is out of the car. Keep this nut and the black round spacer in a safe place. If you ever remove the bar you will need these pieces to put the car back together.

2) In the hardware kit use the two aluminum 5/8 spacers into the free area where the black spacers were. Take the pins and screw them back through the spacer and then catch the threads and screw it in. Do this for each side. Then you will need to CAREFULLY tighten the pins with the 5mm allen key, a ratchet is preferable. Be careful as these pins strip easily.