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HARNESS GUIDE BAR Installation Instructions - GB 1, 2, 3, 4R, & 4F

Warning: Failure to follow instructions may result in INJURY OR DAMAGE FOR WHICH

1) Remove both Covering Caps from the Safety Belt D Rings at the B pillars ( C pillars for GB4R ) on both sides of the car (or the plugs from the rear harness mounting holes for the GB4R for the 944 & 968; proceed to step 4 and use additional mounting hardware). Store for future use.
2) Remove both fastening bolts or nuts from both pillars while noting the number and position of each of the washers and/or spacers under the D Rings. Depending on the model and year of your car, there may be several different combinations of washers and spacers which must be preserved for mounting the Harness Guide Bar.
3) If you wish to retain the use of your stock shoulder harnesses, you will now remove the locknut from the mounting flange bolt, place the harness "D" ring over the bolt and then replace the locknut. Follow the same procedure for the opposite side.
4) Install the mounting flanges on both ends of the Harness Guide Bar. Note that there are left and right hand threads. Now position the assembly between the two mounting points on the B pillars and adjust to approximate length by screwing in or out the flanges as necessary while keeping the bar centered. Caution: Each flange bolt must not be screwed out more than
2-1/2 inches from the welded nut on the Harness Guide Bar. That is, the exposed thread on the flange bolt should not exceed 2-1/2 inches. This limitation ensures that there is adequate coverage of the flange bolt by the Harness Guide Bar welded nut.
5) After adjusting to the approximate length, position Harness Guide Bar horizontally and after placing the black spacer provided over the shoulder of the fastening bolt or nut, place through the flange at one end being sure that you position the spacer under the flange. Then attach the flange snugly to one side. Expand the assembly by twisting the bar accordingly until the flanges are slightly pressured onto the mounting points and attach the remaining flange. It is very important that you mount the Harness Guide Bar flanges with the same factory provided fastening bolt or nut and washer.
6) Tighten both fastening screws to original torque.  Be sure that no more than 2 inches
of each flange bolt thread is exposed.
7) Finally, rotate the bar with a wrench to be sure the Product Label is facing rearward. Now
tighten both locknuts against the bar.
Important Note: Do not mount your harness to this Harness Guide Bar as it was not
designed for this type of use as recognized by all Competition Rules.